An important seminar took place in Isfahan (Iran) to present OMAZ products to Iranian market. It was organized by Eng Esmaeili Amir, OMAZ agent and country manager for the Iranian market. This event was thought as preparation for Iran Plex 2017, the international exhibition of poultry, livestock, dairy and related industries. It will be in Tehran from the 1th to the 3th of December. Omaz Iran ottobre 2017 (5)During this event OMAZ will show its new SPACE INTERNATIONAL, an innovative poultry cage for layer hens.

OMAZ has always focused on its costumers and builds cages using almost exclusively metallic materials. They are strong and easy to assemble. So in the new SPACE INTERNATIONAL we used plastic elements as little as possible for a better quality cage. This is OMAZ flagship product for global markets. In Iran OMAZ has sold its first system.

We are very interested in Iranian market – said Francesco Castricini, sales manager OMAZ -. It is an important and growing market that appreciates the Made in Italy. In our case, i want to thank Eng. Esmaeili and his staff for the effort that they put into this cooperation.