Aviary Galaxy

A versatile product which meets the needs of the various breeders: GALAXY is an aviary line with a breeding management which is very different from DISCOVERY and COSMOS models.

The structure allows you to create macro areas where the hens can freely move and live totally within the system. GALAXY is built on 3 levels: the lower one is devoid of nest areas which, instead, are inserted on the second and third level, arranged continuously on a side and equipped with the automatic ejection device. Anyway, on all levels you can find feed troughs and watering lines. On the opposite side to the nests, on the first floor between the two lines of aviaries, it may be placed a mobile grid platform: this can be used as a “bridge” between the two aviaries lines both by the hens and by the operator for inspections of daily control and for the loading and unloading of the hen.

All the aviary Open Space models, designed and proposed by OMAZ, can be equipped with the innovative multifunctional system FCS (Floor Control System), with exclusive OMAZ patent.


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